Finished WebSites

For some weeks I have been working on my websites to make them mobile  friendly. I am using Bootstrap 4 framework. As it is still an Alpha release so there may be changes but I did not want to use V3 and then change in a few months.

For my photo albums I use The Turning Gates new Backlight with the Client Response Gallery and Theatre plugins, as these link to my main image management software Adobe Lightroom

I have finally finished (if it is ever finished) and my wedding shoot on the 3rd September will be my first live trial, other than my hobby nature site that has live images already. (my main website) (my image gallery of wildlife, landscapes etc.) (my wordpress blog and information site)

to make thing easier they can also be accessed using ,,

Author: Steve Peacock

Semi Professional Photographer with a love of wildlife. Retired Electronics and Communication Engineer, Retired Network Manager and finally Retired Teacher of IT, Computer Science and Photography.