Bootstrap 4

I use the Bootstrap framework to layout my websites. Currently I use V4 which is still in the development stage. Although not yet recommended for production sites I decided to use it for mine so that I can learn as they progress through the Alpha a Beta stages. This involves looking and incorporating changes as they add them.

Currently Alpha 6 as recently been released. This is large change as they now use Flexbox as the default.  I decided earlier on to use the flex option as my basis even though it restricted me to newer browsers. This has resulted in the implementation of Alpha 6 being somewhat easier. But each page still has to be checked and tested so my live site will be updated in the next couple of weeks.

Economy Portable LED Light Source

Daylight LED lamps. Many of these are daylight rated that is 5500-6000K. I have just purchased two portable 23W/1400Lumen ones from Screwfix. Taking the base off and mounting them on flash stands (need to buy bits and pieces from Amazon) has given me a cheap way of adding support lighting to my 580EX II flash which I also mount on a stand with a diffuser and remotely trigger using hahnel Tuff TTL triggers.

Although not as effective or powerful as professional LED lights they are much cheaper at £30 each. They recently solved a problem at a wedding which was in a barn. They allowed me to take wider shots by mounting a light source either side of the small groups. Being portable they let me move them around quickly and not have trailing cables. I also have a 30W mains powered unit and find them all a lot more convenient at this type of even than my studio flashes.

Finished WebSites

For some weeks I have been working on my websites to make them mobile  friendly. I am using Bootstrap 4 framework. As it is still an Alpha release so there may be changes but I did not want to use V3 and then change in a few months.

For my photo albums I use The Turning Gates new Backlight with the Client Response Gallery and Theatre plugins, as these link to my main image management software Adobe Lightroom

I have finally finished (if it is ever finished) and my wedding shoot on the 3rd September will be my first live trial, other than my hobby nature site that has live images already. (my main website) (my image gallery of wildlife, landscapes etc.) (my wordpress blog and information site)

to make thing easier they can also be accessed using ,,


Currently I have comments turned off as this is just an experimental WordPress site. So please don’t be surprised at changes and some that may appear to be random.