Early Photo of a Lizard

Lizard likes smelly feet
Lizard likes smelly feet

Hunting through old photos I came across this one from 1986 in Formentera. This is around the time I became fascinated with Lizards. I can still remember manually focussing as it came closer and closer. Finally for this image I had stretched  up to the limit of being able to see through the viewfinder.

Rain Rain Rain

Well rain has stopped play, that is catch-up work around the house. So indoor work on my two website. This has been mainly a tidy up of configuration and then getting my TTG Backlight gallery up and running for my forthcoming Wedding shoot. This will enable clients to feedback and select images online speeding up the delivery process and the hardest part of designing a book, the image selection. I use Blurb Books, I find the quality is a cut above the rest and enables online purchasing by the client, plus epub and pdf versions


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