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Author: Steve Peacock

Who am I? I bought my first camera, an SLR, with my first grant cheque, I won’t say how long ago but the Olympus OM10 came out just afterwards. For the next few years my camera went everywhere with me and I collected loads and loads of photographs which were stored away. Early on I started developing my own Black and White photographs in the spare bedroom. By this time I had stared work and had got married, my enlarger was a present from my wife. I enjoyed trying to play with the processing to improve the photographs quality and making sure I could include all detail. This just added to my collection of photographs. When I went on holiday I always used at least 10 rolls of film, both colour and reloaded Black and White. As my work life as an electronics design engineer took over, my photography took a back seat only coming out for special events like family gatherings and holidays. Still I was only taking photographs just for me so my box of photographs in the loft just grew. To reintroduce myself to being educated I took a night class in A level photography, this I really enjoyed as the focus was on the creative side rather than the technical side. I have always being stronger on the technical side, this is the engineer in me coming through. Unfortunately at the end of the course work took me away on a regular basis so I never finished my final project. But it did wet my appetite for education so I took and completed a 2 year Diploma in Management Studies at Staffordshire University then 2 years Visual Basic programming. At this time I also changed careers, re-training to become a secondary school teacher of technology. This was the time of the computer my first computer was a Commodore 64 followed by a PC a few years later. As my study was small and the desk was now taken up with the computer I was doing less and less developing, and my dreams of my own dark room died. However I became interested in Computers and became the network manager at school and developed my skills with software as well as hardware, in fact I have become a bit of a stickler for doing things the “right way”. Part of my interest diversified into Web design, and I have produced a few website mainly for work or friends. Throughout I have still got a passion for learning and advancing my skills. But my interest in photography was just sitting there waiting for the digital era. By this time I had changed careers and was now a teacher of Technology, ICT and Business. Through school I purchased a digital camera and started to use this (images stored on a floppy disk) and was introduced to Photoshop V5.5. Through work and myself I have slowly progressed from a simple digital compact to my current Canon 5D MkII and Adobe Creative Suite CS5 and my favourite Lightroom. My first wedding was a present for a friend and it was one of the most nerve racking experiences I have had, on the morning of the wedding I suddenly realized that if I messed up not only would the couple not have any photographs but neither would my very close friends. However it went well and I learnt, a lot especially about planning. I am finally using my photography for myself so this is my web site to show what I have taken and what I enjoy. I am still learning and enjoying the learning, to the extent that I sit in the conservatory on a Sunday morning to do “tutorialling” as my wife describes it. Yet another video from bites the dust. I am not fussy, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Office suite, Photography and more recently PHP and MySql.

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