Client Gallery Help Page

Client Response Gallery Help

Once you have logged in you will be presented with a thumbnail gallery of your images. These are the images we will work together to provide you with the memories and images you requested.

To view a larger version, click on the thumbnail. You can then either click on the X to return to thumbnails or click to the left or right of the image to move back or forward.

To show the options click on the heart (which also shows the number of images selected). This then displays 4 more icons.

Show Only Selected – Highlight Selected – Show All

Submit Feedback


To select an image click on the heart icon in the thumbnail.

The Thought Bubble icon on the thumbnail opens a dialog box for you to provide simple check box feedback, post processing requests and general comments.

Full image screen view

Select image – Provide Feedback – Slideshow – Full Screen – Thumbnail Panel  – Open Share Menu

X to Return to Thumbnail Gallery Page

Use of Feedback

By clicking on the pencil icon you display a feedback/comments dialog for that image.

The dialog options will vary depending on what type of client it is from.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 23.32.54There are different types of feedback options and how to use these will have been discussed with you, prior to the client gallery going live.


If you have requested a book then the next stage depends on which option you have chosen and how many pages will be included, a typical book is 40 pages. For a wedding I will usually  put the first 10 images as a full page each, then the others may be mixed and matched to suit the page count. Once that has been completed then I will send you a proof PDF. At this stage I will require any changes and also any text you want included (please provide this electronically.  Because the books can vary so much the price of the initial copy is not included in the price, however I can order it for you or you can order online from a link I will provide.

I will indicate in the logon information email whether I have set the feedback up so that it remembers feedback between sessions or each time you send feedback you start fresh.

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